The CSIS Commission on Affirming American Leadership was created in the summer of 2019 to develop a series of recommendations to cement U.S. global leadership in light of these twenty-first-century challenges. The Commission lays out recommendations for the U.S. workforce, U.S. innovation policy, and U.S. engagement in the international trading system.

Commission Co-Chairs

  • Ambassador Charlene Barshefsky
    Senior International Partner at WilmerHale; former USTR, 1997-2001
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  • Senator William E. Brock
    CSIS Counselor and Trustee
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  • Mr. Frederick W. Smith
    Chairman and CEO, FedEx Corporation
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  • Dr. Byron Auguste
    CEO and Co-Founder, Opportunity@Work
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  • Mr. Ajay Banga
    Executive Chairman of Mastercard
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  • Dr. Craig Barrett
    Former Chairman and CEO, Intel Corporation
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  • Mr. Gary J. Baumgartner
    CSIS International Councillor
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  • Mr. Joshua Bolten
    President and CEO, Business Roundtable
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  • Ms. Joyce Chang
    Global Head of Research, J.P. Morgan
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  • Mr. David Cohen
    Former Partner at WilmerHale
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  • Mr. Vincent Mearl (Zippy) Duvall
    President, American Farm Bureau Federation
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  • Mr. Evan G. Greenberg
    Chairman and CEO, Chubb
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  • Ambassador Carla Hills
    CEO, Hills & Co.
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  • Dr. Richard Levin
    Former President of Yale University
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  • Mr. W. James McNerney
    Former Chairman and CEO, The Boeing Company
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  • Mr. Henry H. McVey
    Partner and Head of Global Macro & Asset Allocation, KKR
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  • Mr. Michael J. Rogers
    Former U.S. Representative (MI-08)
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  • Ms. Kavita Shukla
    Founder and CEO, the FRESHGLOW Co.
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  • Mr. Jay Timmons
    President and CEO, National Association of Manufacturers
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  • Dr. Laura D. Tyson
    Distinguished Professor, Hass School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
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Members of the commission participated in an individual capacity, not on behalf of their organizations. Members do not necessarily endorse each of the Commission’s recommendations.

Staff Directors

  • Matthew p. Goodman
    Senior Vice President for Economics, CSIS
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  • William Reinsch
    Senior Adviser and Scholl Chair in International Business, CSIS
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  • Scott Miller
    Senior Adviser, Abshire-Inamori Leadership Academy, CSIS
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Executive Director

  • Grace hearty
    Deputy Director, Economics Program, CSIS
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Research Staff

  • Jack Caporal
    Fellow, Scholl Chair in International Business, CSIS
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  • Dylan Gerstel
    Research Associate, Economics Program, CSIS
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  • Jasmine Lim
    Program Coordinator and Research Assistant, Scholl Chair in International Business, CSIS
  • Megan Zsorey
    Program Coordinator and Research Assistant, Economics Program, CSIS
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This Commission was made possible through the generous support of the CSIS Strategic Initiatives Fund, as well as individual contributions from Frederick W. Smith, Gary J. Baumgartner, and W. James McNerney.